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Gutter Cleaning Services

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Gutters and downspouts are your roof’s drainage system. They are responsible for carrying away the thousands of gallons of water that lands on your roof every year. They are not easy to maintain for most homeowners but play an important part in how well your home serves you.

Most homeowners never spend a lot of time thinking about their gutters and downspouts. Usually it is only when there is a problem that develops and by problems, we mean more than just a little waterfall of water from your gutters where there should not be one! It is very important to have your gutters and downspouts maintained regularly by a professional experienced with the proper cleaning methods for the system.

Skipping regular maintenance is the wrong choice to make. Here are two examples of the damage clogged gutters can cause to your home:

1. Roof Damage

When water stands in a clogged gutter for a long period of time in contact with the wood surface the gutter is attached to, wood damage naturally occurs. The excess wight of the water starts to pull and warp the fascia board the gutter is attached to and pulls on the roof surface, weakening it. The water trapped in the gutter is also a perfect environment for mosquitoes and other bugs as well as mold and moss. All of these add to the damage, and discomfort caused by clogged gutters.

If left clogged, gutters will eventually fall off and pull away wood and the roof edge allowing water to enter your attic and living spaces. A professional gutter cleaning by Gutter Flow7 LLC can set you straight and avoid any damage like this.

2. Foundation and Basement Damage.

Also, when gutters overflow the water runs down and falls at your home’s foundation. The constant moisture can damage the foundation structure and will sooner or later make its way into your basement or living spaces. Mildew and mold are both hazardous to your health and both can be caused by excess moisture in your basement or under your home.​

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